Quickshooter Hunting – brown leather

Quickshooter Hunting – brown leather

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Quickshooter is a modern and well thought out gunsling with great comfort and a very smart function. Compared to a traditional gunsling, the Quickshooter rests more securely on your shoulder without sliding off and the strap is wide and comfortable for all day use. The construction lets you wear a backpack while at the same time, very quickly changing from transport to your shooting stance. For even more accuracy you can also use the sling to provide extra support while shooting, see instructions further down.

Quickshooter vapenrem för hagel och kula

Quickshooter Hunting specifications:

  • Weight: brown or black leather:     180 grams


With your Quickshooter locked in place your hand are free while your rifle/shotgun stays in place securely without sliding off your shoulder. One simple hand movement loosens your weapon while still keeping it connected to the sling. This lets you quickly transition from transport position to your shooting stance. Quickshooter is hard to beat especially for winter hunting with skiis as it makes your life alot easier, letting you wear your backpack and use your ski poles and keeping your weapon readily available, saving important seconds when your prey suddenly appears.

Quickshooter ryggburen

Quickshooter can also be used to carry your rifle on your back during the times you need even more freedom to move about and you don't need to be ready for prey. The two straps can then be placed over each shoulder and your rifle can be carried like a backpack.

Fripro Gevärssele skidskytteIf you need a gunsling specifically for carrying on your back we have that also, click here.

Owners manual:

Mounting Quckshooter on your rifle or shotgun:

Important! The strap must go through the slot in the buckle. If you take the strap apart you must reassemble it exactly as it came delivered or the buckle might break during usage.

Position your weapon as shown above. Hold QuickShooter with the wide leatherpiece facing you and the narrow adjustment sling towards the weapon. The bigger adjustment loop attaches to the front fastener.

Slide the strap through the front fastener in the direction of the barrel. Then slide it through the adjustment loop as shown in the image above.

Tighten the loop leaving a small gap.

Pull the narrow strap towards the butt without twisting it.

Slide it through the rear fastener on the butt.

Make sure the strap is not twisted, then slide it through the rear adjustment loop.

Slide it through the inner hole first, then back through the outer hole.

Make sure your Quickshooter is mounted as in the photo above.


Quickshooter vapenrem - justera
Hold your weapon like the image displays. Place the sling on the outer side of the butt.

Quickshooter vapenrem - justera
Slip Quickshooter over your head, note that the sling is positioned on your side of the weapon by the front fastening point, and away from you by the rear fastening point.

Quickshooter vapenrem - justera
Lock the front clip close to the front fastening point.

Quickshooter vapenrem - justera
Adjust the rear loop until your weapon rests firmly against your body, but not too tight.

Quickshooter vapenrem - justera
Carry your weapon against your body or at waist level, ready for Quick Shooting. The adjustment strap should be positioned on the outside of the butt. Quickshooter relieves stress on your back through balanced weight distribution and frees up both hands when you need. For instance, when crossing streams.

Use your Quickshooter as shooting support:

Quickshooter som skjutstöd
With the weapon raised, place your front hand between the front end and the belt.

Quickshooter som skjutstöd
Firmly grip the front end with your front hand, place the sling under your front elbow.

Quickshooter som skjutstöd
Hold the grip with your trigger hand and move your front hand so you firmly grasp the strap between the front end and your hand.

Quickshooter som skjutstöd
Pull your front hand towards you to increase tension on the sling, adding support.

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