Frying pan, 26 cm

Frying pan, 26 cm

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A frying pan in suitable size for one to three persons, depending on appetite. Made of robust steel and with a hollow handle that insulates against heat and can be lenghtened by using a branch or wooden handle.


It's a perfect fit for your backpack anytime you're out and about, hunting or just enjoying nature. The frying pan is available in two sizes, both are shipped with a light and practical cloth bag which keeps the soot away from other gear in your backpack.



The frying pan is delivered covered with a coat of oil to protect it from corrosion. To keep your frying pan in great condition make sure to wash it by heating water in it after cooking, scrub it clean then reapply a thin layer of fat from cooking oil or butter.

Specifications :

  • Weight:     xyz grams
  • Width:      26 cm
  • Depth:       4 cm
  • Handle:     12.5 cm